Overhauls, repairs and maintenance of engines and components

As a leading family business, we repair, overhaul and test drive systems and components of railway and heavy rolling stock. We do this for all makes and types of diesel engines, powerpacks, transmissions and other rail-related components such as compressors, turbos, cooling systems and hydraulics. This way, we ensure your equipment performs efficiently, effectively and reliably and that your passenger and freight transport is carried out at the lowest possible cost.   We understand better than anyone that a reliable and safely functioning powertrain is crucial. That is why we carry out diagnoses and provide advice, either at our workshop or your premises. Every day, we work together with rail carriers on reliable high-performance rail-based mobility solutions and services. We do this both nationally and internationally, in countries such as the Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Belgium, the Czech Republic and Spain.
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Drive systems

Want your fleet to continue to perform well? DSP specialises in the maintenance, repair, overhaul and testing of drive systems, including diesel engines, powerpacks, traction motors and transmissions for rail applications. We take care of the entire overhaul process: from the removal of your engine on location to the smallest technical maintenance work. Together, we work towards the most ideal efficiency of your fleet.
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Components ensure your fleet performs optimally. That is why we also specialise in hydraulic components, cooling systems, starter motors, dynamos, fuel systems, compressors, turbos and crankshafts. From repairing, assembling and overhauling components to extensive testing on our high-tech test stand. Together, we keep unwanted downtime to a minimum.
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Our mechanics have years of experience, extensive knowledge and all the necessary certificates to carry out professional maintenance on your fleet. Our field staff are happy to visit you on location for maintenance, overhauls, diagnoses and advice. Loaded test runs on our own test stand and the supply of new original parts for your railway equipment are also possible. Together, we will keep you on the right track, in both senses of the word.
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Diesel engines

Diesel engine back in top condition? DSP overhauls, repairs and maintains diesel engines in our workshop or at your premises. We do this for leading makes such as MTU, Caterpillar, Mercedes, MAN, Cummins, Paccar (DAF), Deutz and MGO. This extends the life of your engine and ensures that your fleet continues to perform optimally.
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Test stand

Want to test-run your engine? In our workshop, we have three extensive, high-tech test stands with which we can measure the performance of your engine in detail. Based on various measurements, including power measurements and emissions measurements, we prepare a test report that lists important parameters. This way, the quality is demonstrably guaranteed and we ensure a well-functioning product.
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