Different components require different care


You prefer to transport goods and people at the lowest possible price. This is possible if each fleet performs efficiently, effectively and reliably. In addition to full-service maintenance and overhaul of various drive systems, we also carry out maintenance and overhauls of various components. We specialise in hydraulic components, cooling systems, starter motors and dynamos, but also in fuel systems, compressors and turbos.   During the past few years, our professionals have acquired extensive knowledge and extensive work experience with leading makes, including Rexroth, Bosch, Behr and Knorr Bremse. We provide tailor-made advice, so each component functions reliably and safely again. From repairing, assembling and overhauling components to extensive testing on our high-tech test stand with detailed test reports.
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Defective hydraulic components or having problems with your hydraulic system? We repair, overhaul and test various makes of hydraulic pumps, motors and components such as cylinders. We do this in our workshop or at your premises. Together, we keep unwanted downtime to a minimum.


Air plays an important role in railway equipment. Compressors provide the air supply to trains. Having problems with your compressors? From screw compressors and reciprocating compressors to rotary vane compressors: we carry out maintenance and overhaul work on a wide range of compressors from leading makes, including Knorr Bremse and Wabco.

Starter motors and dynamos

The heavier a starter motor and alternator are loaded, the faster they fail or malfunction. We overhaul, test and modify various starter motors and alternators, so that every component functions as it should again. We focus on the use of original parts and high-quality repairs and overhauls.

Fuel systems

A fuel system is one of the most essential components. We carry out maintenance and overhauls on a wide variety of injectors, diesel systems and modern common rail systems from leading makes including Bosch and Delphi. We also do fuel diagnostics, where we obtain detailed information about your fuel system with the help of test equipment.

Cooling systems

In railway equipment, many types of cooling systems are used for all kinds of components in the vehicle. A properly functioning cooling system is extremely important to prevent overheating, seized parts or other temperature-related damage. We maintain and overhaul various cooling systems and their supporting components from renowned brands such as Behr and Rexroth.


Turbos deliver great performance when properly maintained. In our workshop, we can not only overhaul and repair industrial turbos, but also test, measure and balance to an accuracy of 1000 grams. Common turbo makes include Holset, KKK and BorgWarner.


Krukassen zorgen ervoor dat bewegingsenergie wordt omgezet en zijn daarmee een cruciale component van machines en verbrandingsmotoren. Onze monteurs voeren onderhoud en revisie uit aan uw krukas en kunnen deze meten, opchromen, slijpen en balanceren. Dit doen we op onze eigen krukasbank in onze werkplaats.
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