Power pack maintenance


A power pack is a complete drive system designed in a module. Specially designed for installation under the floor or on the roof of a train. In addition to the compact design, a Powerpack is easy to exchange and it is possible to set up an exchange system completely according to the customer's wishes, so that your equipment is on the road again in no time. We are now specialists in the field of diesel-electric, diesel-mechanical and diesel-hydraulic power packs.

Our technicians clean your power packs, replace worn or defective parts and check the efficiency of each power pack. We offer appropriate advice and together we look at possibilities to make your power packs as good as new again. The result? Many new operating hours and a sustainable, reliable fleet.

The best performance from your power pack
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Our services

  • Diagnosis
  • Revision
  • Maintenance
  • Mounting
  • Disassembly
  • Cleaning
  • Checking
  • Mechanical operations
  • Replacement worn parts
  • Replacement of defective parts
  • Load test run
  • Preserve

Our leading brands

Our passion for train engines has grown enormously over the years. From diesel engines and transmissions to power packs of different brands. All our technicians have broad professional knowledge, years of experience and associated certificates, and know better than anyone else how to carry out the correct service work on power packs. A permanent team of professionals works daily on powerpacks from different brands, such as MTU, MAN, Voith and Iveco. From installing and removing power packs to their loaded test run.

A complete powerpack service package

We always say that flexibility is our driving force and 24/7 service our problem-solving power. We strive for sustainable methods of maintenance and maximum fleet profitability. This is only possible with a fast turnaround time, innovative solutions and the best quality at the lowest possible cost.


Total unburdening starts with us with 24/7 service. Our powerpack service is flexible and available day and night, 7 days a week. National and international.

Autonomous test stand

We extensively test power packs in our workshop. We test run power packs using our fully autonomous test stand and our own hydraulic test bench.

ISO/TS 22163 & ISO 9001 

We are ISO/TS 22163 and ISO 9001 certified: with this we meet international requirements in the field of quality management, supplemented by specific requirements of the railway industry. In this way we continuously maintain our quality level.