Maintenance of diesel engines

Diesel engines

Diesel engines last for many operating hours. They are, as it were, the heart of your locomotive or train. Often (minor) maintenance and a few repairs over a long period are sufficient, but there comes a time when a diesel engine must be thoroughly maintained and/or overhauled in order to remain in top condition and to prevent unexpected downtime. DSP maintains your diesel engines and extends the life of your engine. Together we ensure that your fleet continues to perform optimally.

What does such a (partial) revision look like? That is entirely up to you. An overhaul can take place based on a factory prescribed scope, but we can also perform a pre-recording as a basis for the further overhaul. This way you always know in advance where you stand. We then completely rebuild engines with new and/or overhauled parts. We also extensively test each engine on our own test stand.

Maintenance on your diesel engine?
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Our services

  • Diagnosis
  • Revision
  • Maintenance
  • Built-in
  • Extension
  • Disassembly
  • Cleaning
  • Quality control
  • Mechanical operations
  • Mounting
  • Replacement worn parts
  • Replacement of defective parts
  • Load test run
  • Preserve

Our leading brands

Maintenance and overhaul of diesel engines must always be carried out with the right knowledge, equipment and parts. That is why our technicians have the necessary certificates to be able to perform all service work properly and to provide appropriate advice. Thanks to years of experience, we can unburden you for diesel engines of various brands and types. At MTU we specialize in the 396, 4000, 956, 652, 183, 1800 and 2000 series, at Mercedes the 400 and 500 series and at Caterpillar the 3400 and 3500 series, C7, C9 C18 and C27. Our experts also carry out maintenance on MAN engines, all types of Paccar engines (DAF), Deutz engines, Cummins engines and MGO engines. Curious about other brands? Contact us for the possibilities.

The most efficient way of maintenance

Over the years, DSP has grown into a dynamic organization with a passion for train engines. We strive to completely unburden our customers by delivering the best quality at the lowest possible cost. Thanks to certified personnel, sustainable solutions and innovative technologies, we respond to the ever-changing market.


Standstill is regression, also when it comes to diesel engines. That is why our services are flexible and we have a fast turnaround time. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. National and international.

Autonomous test stand

In our workshop we can subject diesel engines to extensive tests. For the test run we have a fully autonomous test stand and our own hydraulic test bench.

Structure of data history

We store your data with every maintenance or overhaul. We use this to build up a data history that is always transparent and shows the maintenance progress of your diesel engines.