Power pack maintenance


Are your hydraulic components leaking or do you suffer from a loss of pressure in your hydraulic circuit? We repair, overhaul and test various brands of hydraulic pumps, motors and components. Repair and overhaul takes place in our workshop or at your location. We clean components, replace defective or worn parts and test hydraulic components. This total overhaul extends the life of your machines and limits unwanted downtime.

Hydro pumps are driven by an electric or combustion engine. They convert mechanical energy into hydraulic energy, which then reaches a hydraulic motor under high pressure via hydraulic pipes and hoses. The hydromotor then converts this energy back into mechanical energy.

The more mechanical energy a hydromotor has to create, the more hydraulic pressure is required and the more important maintenance is on your hydromotor and components, such as hydropumps. Our technicians offer a total package in the field of hydraulics. Together we limit the downtime of your machine to a minimum.
Professional hydraulic maintenance

Our services

  • Revision
  • Maintenance
  • Diagnosis
  • Assembly and disassembly
  • Cleaning
  • Quality control
  • Mechanical operations
  • Replacement worn parts
  • Replacement of defective parts
  • Load test run
  • Preserve

Our leading hydraulic brands

Whether it concerns hydraulic motors, hydraulic pumps or hydraulic cylinders, we have years of experience in cleaning, assembling and testing hydraulic installations, including the replacement of gaskets and the honing and chrome plating of cylinders. We do this for leading brands, including Behr, Bosch and Denison Hydraulics by Parker Hannifin. We offer a suitable solution for every situation and we give the right advice.

A total package regarding hydraulics

Hydraulic installations have many advantages. For example, they have a much higher energy density than electrically powered machines, they are usually smaller and – if necessary – can also start without a load. In addition, motors connected to hydraulic systems can often be placed at different distances and positions from the pumps. It is precisely these advantages that are preserved through (periodic) maintenance.

Autonomous test stand

In our workshop we subject hydraulic motors, pumps, cylinders and other components to extensive tests. We do this with the help of our fully autonomous test stand and our own hydraulic test bench.

Extensive test report

Each test provides valuable information. We store these measurements in an extensive test report that contains important parameters. We automatically build a detailed data history and product tracking system for our customers.


Our total overhaul and maintenance are just as flexible as our technicians. That is why we are available day and night: our field service is available 24/7, so that your machines are running at full speed again in no time.