Comprehensive performance measurement

Test runs

Temperatures (inlet, exhaust), turbo pressures, oil pressure, fuel consumption, speeds, torque (Nm), power (kW) and emissions: figures from such measurements are extremely valuable. After all, they provide insight into the components of your drive systems, such as diesel engines, powerpacks and transmissions. DSP can carry out these measurements for you. They area performed one of our extensive, high-tech test stands in our workshop in a power range from 100 to 3300 kW.   Our test stands are equipped with two PowerTest water brakes and a mobile Superflow water brake that allow us to measure the performance of your engines in detail. After we have tested your engine, powerpack or transmission on our test stand, we always prepare and issue an extensive test report. All important parameters are listed in this report. This data is then stored in our system, allowing us to automatically build up a detailed data history and product tracking system for our customers.
Want to test-run your engine?

Our services

  • Loaded test runs between 100 and 3300 KW
  • Trial test runs for third parties
  • (Minor) repairs
  • Diagnoses
  • Measurements
  • Test reports
  • Emission measurements
  • Testing with alternative (fossil) fuels.

Our leading brands

Every day, we work on products for various drive systems and we have considerably expanded our knowledge over the years. Thanks to this experience, we are able to test and adjust your product perfectly to size. We do this for all leading makes such as MTU, Caterpillar, Cummins, Mercedes, Paccar (DAF), MAN and MGO. In the field of transmission, ZF, Voith and Gmeinder can regularly be found on our test stand. As soon as the products have passed the test on our test stand, you are assured of a good product.

Our high-tech heat recovery!

Corporate social responsibility is important to DSP, which is why we handle the energy released during engine test runs with care. The heat generated during engine test runs is collected and used to heat the business premises. This enables us to reduce gas consumption by more than 80%.

ISO 9001 & ISO/TS 22163 certified

We are ISO/TS 22163 and ISO 9001-certified: as such, we meet international requirements in the field of quality management, supplemented by specific requirements of the railway industry. This way, we continuously maintain our quality level.

our high tech test bench

The main water brake is the Power Test 45X10, which can test run under load up to 3,300 kW (4,500 hp). The small water brake, the Power Test 50X02, can test run up to 750 kW (1,000 hp) under load. Thanks to these two water brakes, we obtain a high degree of flexibility.

Structure of data history

We store your data for every maintenance or overhaul. As such, we build a data history that is always transparent and shows the maintenance progress of your diesel engines.
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