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We are happy to take the work off your hands. We do this with passion and extensive knowledge, so that you can fully focus on your core business: efficient and comfortable transport of people and goods. That is why we have our own field service that comes to your location, we carry out taxed test runs on our own test stand and we supply new original parts for your railway equipment.

Our fitters have years of experience and always carry out their work with full dedication. This allows us to offer our services at a high quality level and with fast turnaround times. We are happy to keep you on the right track, as it should be.

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Mechanic on location

Reliable and safely functioning equipment is crucial. Does your diesel engine, power pack or transmission need maintenance? Our field service is happy to visit you for maintenance, repair, overhaul, diagnosis and advice. We do this for all brands and types of diesel engines, power packs and transmissions.

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Test runs

Want to measure the performance of your engines? We have a high-tech test stand in our workshop that is equipped with two Power Test water brakes and a mobile superflow water brake, which ensure a high degree of flexibility. During the test run, we supply an extensive test report as standard in which important parameters are mentioned. Because we store all data in our system, you always have an accurate data history and a customized product tracking system.

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Is your drive system or associated components no longer working properly? Our technicians carry out diagnoses at your location or in our workshop. From making general diagnoses to performing damage diagnoses and function tests. Together we map out where any defects come from and we give appropriate advice to get your fleet back on track.

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Parts & engineering

Overhaul often also consists of installing new parts in your engines. In our warehouse we have a wide variety of new and reconditioned original parts for engines, components, compressors and cooling systems. We can also make custom parts and gaskets in our own workshop if these are no longer available. We do this with the help of a laser cutter, 3D printer and machine workshop.

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