A shared vision of railways at inland and abroad

We continue to work on the future and always aim to take on an even better position in the railway market. We currently have branches in Tilburg (the Netherlands) and Brzóza (Poland). Both branches contribute to our goal: to offer our customers a full-service solution at home and abroad 24/7. Our brand has gained more awareness in Europe in recent years, including Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Finland, Belgium, France and Spain. We also tap into new markets, shipping is one of them. DSP Marine, a new branch in Tilburg that is fully focused on the shipping sector, was established recently.
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Freight transport

Optimal return on your freight transport

Every year, around 40 million tons of goods are transported by rail, from the Netherlands to abroad, vice versa or within national borders. Goods are preferably transported as efficiently as possible and at the lowest possible price. This requires continuous high-quality maintenance of railway equipment. DSP repairs, overhauls and maintains your drive systems and components, and supplies new original parts when they need to be replaced. Together, we achieve the most optimal return with your fleet.

Passenger transport

Transporting passengers at minimal cost

Public transport is all about reliability, travel time and convenience. From technical maintenance of engines to quick service and from cleaning to short and long-term overhauls: DSP has everything you need to repair, overhaul and maintain your trains. The result? A fleet you can rely on and that is always available. Together, we ensure millions of train passengers arrive at their destination on time, safely and in well-maintained trains every day.

Leasing companies

Cost-effective rental of your railway equipment

The purchase of railway equipment is capital intensive: this makes railway equipment ideally suited for leasing. As a leasing company, you have a wide and expensive fleet of railway equipment. To rent out this equipment as profitable as possible to rail operators, an optimal condition is important. DSP offers professional maintenance, repairs and overhauls for drive systems and all related components for your fleet. Together, we shorten turnaround times and reduce your downtime.


Your ship at its destination on time

In addition to rail transport, water transport is a rapidly growing mobility. We know better than anyone that your ship must perform optimally to be able to moor at its destination according to schedule. Our subsidiary DSP Marine has been set up to offer our customers a full-service solution on the water as well.
Do you manage, maintain or own a vessel? We overhaul, repair and maintain the powertrain of your vessel in professional and pleasure boating (from 20m). At your premises or one of our premises.

Train workshops and railway maintenance

Working on optimal track availability 24/7

As a train workshop or track maintenance worker, you work non-stop to keep the track available and reliable. This prevents unnecessary interruptions, delays and diversions. DSP is happy to help you realise optimal availability of the tracks. We repair, overhaul and maintain drivelines and associated components. Together, we keep the railways safe, both at home and abroad.
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