Maintenance of transmissions


Transmissions contain many parts that wear out over the years. Proper maintenance of a transmission is like maintenance of a diesel engine: extremely important. After all, more is needed for an optimal drive system than just a smoothly operating power source. We have knowledge and experience of both mechanical and hydraulic transmissions.

DSP specializes in the maintenance, overhaul and repair of both mechanical and hydraulic transmissions for railway equipment and heavy rolling stock. With good maintenance and overhaul, further damage to your transmission will be prevented. No transmission is the same: this means that our approach always requires customization. We do this in our workshop in Tilburg or at your location.

From transmission to efficiency
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Our services

  • Diagnosis
  • Revision
  • Maintenance
  • Mounting
  • Disassembly
  • Cleaning
  • Checking
  • Mechanical operations
  • Replacement worn parts
  • Replacement of defective parts
  • Testing
  • Preserve

Our leading brands

Are you having problems with transmissions in your fleet? Our mechanics overhaul, repair and maintain transmissions of various brands. We have gained a lot of knowledge and experience with brands such as Voith, Gmeinder and ZF. Curious for which brands we offer more maintenance and overhaul? Please contact us: we will be happy to discuss the options for your transmission.

Professional transmission maintenance

We repair diesel engines, power packs, transmissions and all associated pneumatic and hydraulic components. We don't just do that: we continuously strive for high quality, flexibility and high deployability. With our commitment and 24-hour service, we ensure that your transmissions and your fleet perform as efficiently as possible.

Personnel and quality standard

Knowledge of the profession is crucial to be able to offer the right service. That is why all our technicians have broad professional knowledge, years of experience and corresponding certificates. We are ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 22163 certified, and all our technicians have a VCA/SCC certificate.

Autonomous test stand

We guarantee the quality of our maintenance with an autonomous test stand in our workshop. Here we test run all transmissions and monitor the quality of all transmissions.

Fast turnaround time

Our support is both national and international. 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Thanks to this fast turnaround time, you will always be back on track in no time.